I eat because of stress, not because I’m bored

June 30, 2014
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First, let me start by saying I started this post a year ago and left it in my drafts.  It’s still relevant and still left unsaid. So with an update and a click of publish, here you go.  A lot of overweight people struggling to track their eats and figure out how they got they […]

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Our family: adjusting expectations {confession}

June 26, 2014
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Everyone looks towards their future at some point. When I was little I used to look forward and imagine high school, and then I imagined college, then my wedding, and then my family. I had all these amazing plans for myself and these solid, very concrete ideas of what our family would be like. Nothing […]

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5 Things Friday: Need.Now edition

June 20, 2014
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It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 things friday, but there are a few things I just absolutely can not live without right now. So here goes! 1. Sanuk Yoga Mat Sling 2. These were a splurge and worth every penny (not expensive, but expensive when you have three kids to worry about & […]

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Giving a new workout a shot… Les Mills Body Pump

June 18, 2014
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I don’t know if you remember, but a while ago I tried shakeology and loved it. I didn’t do it as a weight loss plan, but more because I hate breakfast and I’d prefer to drink my breakfast if possible. Well since then, I’ve kept my eye on Beachbody products, but haven’t really done anything […]

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Pinteresting my day away

June 9, 2014
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I will never be a Pinterest mom, and I’m OK with that. I can’t even manage to get artwork on the walls.  However, I have been using Pinterest, in my abundance of spare time, to try a few things out. My first big project was Overnight Oats.  Yes, you’ve seen about a million pins and […]

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Dealing with adult ADHD without medicine

June 5, 2014
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Few things bother me more than when a student, or heck, even an adult, will complain that they can’t get something done because they have ADHD, or actually, inattentive ADD at the time.  I want to shake people who say that. When I was in high school I really struggled to stay on task. I […]

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