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As I am sure everyone knows – any health/fitness blogger who stops posting about progress is usually because doing so because they’ve not had any.  I’m no exception.  With the whirlwind of adoption related things since December, I’ve made zero time to work out. I’ve stopped tracking as well. I have a reminder on my phone through MFP to remind me to track. It hasn’t helped. I just can’t get into it.  I mentioned the other day the struggle of finding the balance of how to log/track when we have the kids. Well they move in tomorrow, it’s permanent, so something has to give. I tried taking pictures, but I don’t always eat exactly what I have, I pick from the kids, or I give them mine, etc. I might try writing on paper, if I can remember to keep a notepad in the area. I’m not sure really.

I haven’t gotten on the scale to know the exact number, but I know based on how I look and how my clothes fit.  It’s probably 10-15lbs since October.

This isn’t a plan of action, this is simply stating where things stand.  I will get on the scale tomorrow morning, get a baseline and then decide what I need to do next so that it’s not too overwhelming.  Here’s  to change!


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8 thoughts on “About the scale…

  1. My vote would be to not keep track at this point until you get used to your new normal. I would just use try and fill 1/4 of my plate with lean protein, 1/4 with carbs and 1/2 with veggies and fruit. Eat three meals, add two snacks (if you’re hungry) and call it a day. You don’t need the added stress of counting calories.

    Permanent? I can’t believe this day has finally come. So excited for you. Wow! Good luck and congrats!

    1. That might actually be the best advice I’ve had in a while. Why complicate things that are already going to be busy and complicated. Thank you. And today is the dayyyyyy! :) Bit day! So excited, thank you :)

  2. You have so much going on right now I’m not surprised you don’t have time to track.
    Just focus on enjoying your new family and you will soon get back into a routine.
    Good luck

  3. There are some things in life that are way more important that tracking and exercise and creating your family right now is definitely one of them! I agree with the earlier posted who said to wait to track until you are used to your new normal. Focus on the kids and getting into a rhythm, then come back to the rest.

    I am so excited that this day is finally here for you! I haven’t known you long, but I can tell that this is something you’ve been waiting for for quite some time.

  4. I don’t think I would have thought to advise you to forget tracking for now (I was busy trying to think of ways you can incorporate healthy living into your new life), but that’s probably the wisest advice you could’ve been given! Get adjusted to your new lifestyle with the kiddos, and THEN think about how you’re going to start changing things in your life. Too much change at once is overwhelming! Anyway, HUGE CONGRATS on this day finally arriving! I’m so happy for you!!!!

  5. haha! You’re right about the fitness blogger thing. I’m not posting about exercise or fitness right now because I’m recovering from a surgery. I pretty much have puffed up like crazy. I should take a walk now.

    Be kind to yourself, you have a lot going on and the kids are a priority. You know that being healthy is important to them as well as you so I’m sure you’re not going crazy or anything. After you guys find a routine, you’ll find room for yourself as well.

    I hope that the move in is going smoothly!

  6. I’ve realized that there is a time and a place for an intense workout program. As my boyfriend pointed out this morning – I tried to start insanity in the middle of my insane school year. He called it insane squared, and was like “no wonder you stopped, something had to give.”

    So I’ve lightened up a bit with myself. I’ve been busy, these 10 -15 pounds I have also gained (welcome to the club sister!) are not necessarily a symbol of excuses or of laziness. They are a symbol of a very full life (no pun intended)! I’m going to do what I can eating wise until the end of school and make a plan (a concrete one) to actually tackle exercising (other than running/yoga when I have time) starting in June.

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