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December 2, 2013

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The last few years I’ve done the bare minimum for Christmas. Mainly because I’ve been pouting that we don’t have a child to celebrate with.  Well I decided this year I’m done pouting and we decorated for Christmas like we used to. Here’s a few pics. Sorry for the quality, I’m no Martha Stewart and I was using my cell phone camera.

Christmas Tree

Simple, slim tree. I have a ton of ornaments I don’t put on every year. Always keep it to a minimum. I’m considering cranberry rows though for color. There is a star on top you can’t see, and the skirt is a table cloth, I just rotate the color every year.


Love having this fireplace. I wasn’t sure what to put up next to the mirror. I wanted to hang garland but without getting a wireless set, it was too busy.


Brent’s Mom sewed these candy canes. We have about a 80-100. We usually hang them on the tree, but thought they’d work well in these.


These guys come out every year. Husband loves penguins, and they’re cute. Sometimes we forget to put the bit one away (oops)


I really like the placement of the tree this year with the mirror. Makes me smile.

All in all, that’s about as busy as we get.  We don’t do towels or pillows, we have no where to store these things during the off season, so I don’t buy much. Whenever we move, and have a real basement or storage space, I will buy more. I have a ton of little things that we do own that I don’t put out. Originally I never put them on display because my cat would knock them to the floor, often breaking things. Now that he’s not here to do that, it’s habit mostly.  Neither of our two cats now would do that, but I still keep things minimum.

The porch is the last part we have to do. Might work on that today. We usually just put lights and garland around the railing. I wish we managed to do it before the snow. Brr.

Did you decorate for Christmas (or your holiday?)


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Twitter: acurls
December 2, 2013 at 3:09 pm

I’m so glad you’re decorating :) I do a few things inside, but wish I could do decor outside. We don’t have an outside outlet, so no lights for us :( It makes me very sad.


Ashleigh @ Passion for Life, Love, and Health December 3, 2013 at 9:18 pm

I like your decorations…especially the penguins! And I like how you can see the tree in the mirror too. :-) I haven’t decorated yet, but then I don’t really get into holidays much. I have a 3-foot tall tree that I’ll probably put up at some point. It was a gift last year, and along with the tree there was plenty of purple (my fave color) ornaments/garland/etc! So I mainly put it up because the purple makes me happy.


Susan December 4, 2013 at 10:04 am

Thank you :)


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