Confessional: Weigh in hunger

I weigh in on Wednesdays.  On Tuesday& Wednesday I tend to have an exact lunch week after week out of consistency.  This past Wednesday, it’s merely breakfast and I was STARVING. Like, please someone shovel food into my mouth starving. I had the exact same breakfast I have every day, Monday-Friday. It has plenty of protein, and I’m not this hungry any other day during the week.

I move on, ignore the FEED ME screams in my head, and went about my day.  Then it got to lunch.  My lunch, which again, I love and rarely ever need to supplement extra food with – wasn’t cutting it.  I’m looking at it disgusted and annoyed that I have to eat it.

I joined Weight Watchers because I like that I can make it work with my life. When I start shifting my life, then I feel like I’m on a diet and I become resentful.  I didn’t have that until now.  I had enjoyed what I was doing but now? I’m angry. I feel like I’m punishing myself. I want to enjoy salads, not hate them. I want to enjoy lean protein filled meals, not be angry that I’m eating it.

Am I really hungry or am I just tricking myself to think that I am because I know my WI is coming up? I’m struggling to find the balance. I walk away, I drink water, I eat some fruit.  It’s not that I’m not getting enough – the foods I bring are simply filling foods – intended to fill you up, and I’m getting enough protein those days, just like every other day..

I need to get my head back in this.  I need to re-align my priorities and remember why I started this. I started this because what I was doing wasn’t working. I started this so I could learn how to make smarter choices.

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4 thoughts on “Confessional: Weigh in hunger

  1. Girl I know how you feel! I think it’s a mind game and it’s not easy to overcome. Could you eat a mid-morning snack like an apple or something small to get your mind off of it? Best of luck…I know it’s not easy but know that others are in the same boat as well!

  2. I think the WI could be part of it (your mid-week hunger), but maybe its also a sign of time for more diversity in your meals, or a need to mix things up. If you’ve been having the same thing over and over again, your brain and body (And metabolic) could be screaming for something new. Just a thought I had!

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