Yikes.. Where does time go?

I feel like every time I open my browser, and log in, I find something else to distract me from writing.  I was catching up on my google reader today, and realized I haven’t wrote anything for a week. Yikes! Not cool.  Bear with me while you follow my train of thought, because that’s about all I have in me right now 😉

So where am I?

Mental health check: crazy. I do awards night every year at school, and it’s in 3 weeks. I’m down the wire, and feel utterly unprepared (though I totally AM prepared… maybe..)

Physical check: I’ve been logging, but I haven’t been blogging too much about it and reflecting.  I haven’t been exercising like I’d like.  I forced myself yesterday, and even though I felt sick midway through, I stopped, got on the bike and rocked out another 20 minutes. I figure it’s 30 minutes I spent moving rather than 30 minutes I spent sitting.

I’m tired.  I’m not sleeping great again, and I spend most of the weekend sleeping. I don’t like this. I totally need to work on it. I need school to end, and to get one solid week of getting back on track. I know I can do it, in fact I do it every year, I just need it now, rather than in a month.

I have an appointment today with my new acupuncturist tonight.  I am sure I will have a full report this week afterwards. I’m kind of nervous. I realize I’ve been through the process over the past few months, but figuring out how someone new does things is what drives my anxiety.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday :)

Oh, PS – I have some giveaways coming up, so I’m super excited to share those with you :)

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