The summer of mini-trips

July 23, 2014

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We couldn’t afford a big vacation this summer. And being that the kids were new to us, we weren’t sure we wanted a huge week-long vacation.  So we planned a few mini trips.

The first was to Kennywood.  Kennywood Park is somewhere I grew up.  We went every summer. Just like Geauga Lake, it was something we always looked forward to.  I remember watching fireworks, watching boys, meeting boys, eating Potato Patch fries, and nothing but amazing memories with my cousins.

I was seriously nervous about taking the kids there, but thankfully my parents were willing to lend a hand. We also rented one of “Kenny’s Kabanas” and let me tell you, that dear friend, was a life saver. It was shaded, it had a fan, it had seating, it was private. It was my own little oasis in the big park. I was hoping to use it to let the kids sleep, but they refused to nap, so I enjoyed some quality time with my feet up.

I took a million pictures, but for the fact that the kids still aren’t legally ours yet, I’m opting to share just a few safe ones.


The kids had a blast and I was so glad I could share in that experience with them.  They were way better than aI expected and I’m sure in the future we can go back and they can build memories like I have!

Another trip we’re taking is to Presque Isle.  If you remember, I went last year, and many other times, but this year we’re taking the kids and again, my parents.  I couldn’t do it without my parents.  Being outnumbered and still so new at this. It just doesn’t work in our favor.  Thankfully my parents are troopers. The kids have never been on a beach or to a hotel, so all of this is interesting to see in through their eyes, as a first time.

And then, last but certainly not least, my BFF is coming to visit in Aug, so while it’s not a vacation per-say, it’s a staycation for me! :) It will be my last big thing before work starts back up.

Where is your favorite place to go in the summer? Where is somewhere your family often went that you have memories of?


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I am pretty sure I start every gadget review reminding you how much I love gadgets. No joke. :)

I happened to stumble on the other day and saw the Soleus band and had to have it. I can’t resist.

My first thoughts when I took it out of the box  - it looked a lot like a mix between my Force and the Lifeband.  I set it up in no time, and was on my way.


The data is great.  I love that I can look at my phone (assuming I have bluetooth on, which I rarely do) or just look at the watch for data.

Things I love:

Features: The ability to set not only a step goal but a calorie goal.  That’s a nice feature.  I can also set sleep goals. I can get vibration alerts reminding me to move at whatever intervals I want.  I can get weather and temperature along with call and text alerts if I have bluetooth on. It’s pretty spot on with my distance on most days.  It was a little varying at first, but all in all, it balances out.

Overall: Great battery life.  Easily a week off of a charge, but I often find myself throwing it on the charger for a few minutes here and there if I’m blogging or something. So it rarely gets too low.  Easy to read screen. The display is super clear and easy.

I wore it in comparison with my Withings Pulse for the first few days.  Since the pulse wasn’t a wrist band, I was curious to see the differences.



Things I don’t love:

The charging cable. That thing might be the most poorly designed charger ever. I get the concept but it’s finicky and difficult.

The display button. It’s sometimes a pain to push.  And I feel like the menu navigation shouldn’t be so intense.  It might be because they want to give you the option to do everything through the watch, but it’s a bit much.

sidenote: Some iphone users complain about dropping the BT pairing. I haven’t had that issue, but I use android. 

One other pet peeve, if I do an exercise, I can’t mark it as something specific.  I can’t enter yoga or weights. It just logs as a walk (or run) workout.

Just like most watches like this (think: fitbit) -the band does pop loose. While I never had the issue personally with my FB, I did have it with this. Thankfully the awesome people at BitBelt reached out and got me the hookup.  They sent me some belts to keep this thing in place. I’ve never been more grateful than I was at Kennywood the other day. I looked down and felt my band was loose. The only thing holding it on was my bitbelt!


Bitbelt will work with your Vivofit, Fitbit Force & Flex, the Magic Band, Soleus and Samsung Gear Fit. Seriously, why would you shell out big bucks on these bands to risk losing it? Invest in a belt for it.

And because Bitbelt doesn’t want YOU to lose your tracker, they’re giving you a little something fun! Enter to win some Bitbelts for your device!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I bought the soleus on my own with my own money. The glowing review was not requested or compensated for.  The Bitbelt was provided to me in return for my honest feedback. The giveaway was a gift from them to you! Nothing more than that!

Interested in reading about the other fitness trackers I’ve had? See them below:

Any new trackers out there that have caught your attention?


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