Getting the itch to move

March 30, 2015

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When we first moved to the area, we bought our house with the intent of living there five years.  That was now 7 years ago. When we adopted we talked about sticking it out another year or two, but  wow, that’s going to be a stretch.   When we were first in the process and the social worker would come to the house, I made a comment once about how we’d like to move and get a little more space for the kids.  She looked at me like we were crazy.  Yes, I realize we have three bedrooms, however we also have 1400 sqft.  That’s hard for 5 people when three of them never.stop.moving.   So our plan is to get our sh!t together and get moving, literally. Here’s the plan.

Save.  We need to save some serious cash if we plan on having anything for a downpayment, and last I checked, that’s kind of important when buying a house.  Beyond that, we have to aggressively save because as some of you know, my husband and I have second jobs, both of which aren’t taxed, so tax time is hard for us. I complain yearly, because you know, it’s a surprise to me every year ;) Seriously I’m not sure why this is so hard for me every year.  I will say thanks to some help from a friend, I’m slowly getting a solid handle on things and hopefully will be able to get a decent amount saved up. With that, we have another problem. We can’t sell our house without having to bring some money to the table,. our neighborhood isn’t supporting that. I’m just hoping it’s not a lot.  Otherwise we may have to rent.  And I’ve not done that. It’s a scary thought.

Saving is mixed for me. I know I can, and I’ll do good for a month or two, and then I go into this binge spending phase where I must feel like I need everything! It’s a vicious cycle.

Finish Projects.  We have a handful of little things around the house to finish before we can meet with a realtor and see if moving is even an option.  So we will hopefully get lined up in another week or two and get a realtor over to give us the specifics.

Be realistic. We can’t sell our house in the winter.  That hassle will be too stressful. So then we decide, do we stick it out another year, and list next March, or do we try to move forward now, and hope that in Aug/September everything lines up and we can move?

So in the meantime, I save houses.  Lots of houses. Houses that probably won’t be on the market when we’re ready, but now that we’ve bought a house and have a family, our needs have changed. I’m less worried about granite counter tops and much more worried about an attached two car garage and a finished basement.  Ugly bathroom tile? Don’t care. Give me a laundry room with some room to move around and I’m happy.  I’m sure once we make a decision I’ll share a bit more as far as what we’re going to do.

Have you ever rented out your house? Is it stressful?  What is your #1 money saving tip I can start now? 


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This is sadly, much easier for me to write than the post about motherhood I just made. Where things stand as far as health and fitness is pretty much to be expected. They are exactly where they were 6 months ago ;)

Eats: I’ve shifted and flowed between Weight Watchers online and MFP back and forth over the last year or so.  I’ve not consistently followed either, which is ridiculous because I KNOW if I just tackle and follow through, I’ll see results.  But for some reason, I keep bailing and keep falling off the wagon.  So I’ve lost about 5 pounds, and then another 10 that I keep losing and gaining back. Currently on the gain end.

Workouts: I had a few coworkers who were working out before work in the morning at the school gym.  Well I decided I would go too and got a friend of mine to help me put together a weight training plan to make the most of my time. Holy cow, the difference between waking up early and doing cardio versus waking up early and doing weights is tremendous. When I got up early to do cardio, I would drag all day. I could not for the life of me understand how people say it energized them.  But when I wake up to do weights, I’m energized and feeling awesome all day.  And it made me want to keep going. I loved it.  Unfortunately we had some horrible weather, snow days and then I kept getting sick so I got off track. Well you know how hard it is to get back at it.  Yeah… I’m there. Dragging miserably.

Family fitness: The one thing that I’ve really tried to do is show the kids the importance of being active and healthy.  I can’t always do everything they’re doing but I’m trying.  When we go to the playground I do the swings and slides. We take walks, lots of walks, hikes, and as summer rolls around, we will be doing more biking, hiking and hopefully more sports.  I’m also working on keeping desserts and sweets to a minimum. When the kids first moved in we barely ever had any treats, even after they went to bed.  Now it seems like we’ve gotten back into that bad habit, allowing the cookies and treats back in after bed time. Have to work on that.

Mental health: Well as I mentioned, I’m slowly starting to feel like this mom life is blending into my old life. It’s not seamless but feeling like I’m two different people, and playing mom instead of actually being mom, was too hard. I’ve been giving myself at least one night a week where I go out with a friend for a few hours to grab coffee or drink and that’s helped give me a break and remind me that I’m me. Not mom, not wife, not teacher. I’m simply me for a few hours.  I need that.  My husband has been amazing. I can’t even begin to dive into that right now because it’s worth a post of it’s own.

Doing a 6 month summary can be a little depressing when I feel like I have so little to show for it. How would you summarize the last 6 months in a sentence or two? 

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