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Disclaimer: I had this awesome experience as part of my involvement through Fit Approach & SweatGuru. All opinions are that of my own, there was no further compensation!

I recently had the opportunity to check out Hidden Sage, a local place that does sound & color therapy, as well as Feng Shui, and health education. When I was first contacted about color and sound therapy, I did exactly what most people would do, start Googling the crap out of it. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I was so excited to have a fresh experience.

I first have to say that since our lives have been flipped upside down a few months ago that trying to schedule things for me, seems nearly impossible. Candy was awesome and super flexible. Finding Hidden Sage was a little tricky.  It really is ‘hidden’ and tucked away ;) However once I got there, Candy was so warm and inviting, it was basically like having tea with a girlfriend.  She talks on your level, never over you, and she’s relatable. That takes a totally unfamiliar experience and just makes me feel at ease before diving into a session.

I went into this appointment with only a little knowledge about color and sound therapy.  I debated about learning as much as I could, or just going in a blank slate and letting her educate me. I opted for minimal understanding and an open mind.The room was inviting and calming. She also has these fabulous little birds on the wall I just loved!


Candy got to work. She started me off with some colored shades.  The colors reflect the chakras.  She also uses tuning forks that relate to the chakras. So what is Color Therapy? I can only attempt to explain it in the way I seemed to make sense of it. Here’s to hoping it’s correct: When the brain sees and processes color, the body actually processes this and reacts accordingly.  Colors relate to certain parts of the body, aiding when needed, getting the body back in balance.  Similar to sound therapy.  The frequencies send energy into the body where it’s needed to help regain balance in the body.

The use of the tuning forks were interesting.  I was feeling the tingle in my scalp. The color therapy – the colored glasses genuinely gave me a different vibe. Candy touched a few things during our session that were pretty spot on with things that have been going on for me.Whether or not it’s something in the long term that would help me, I won’t know if I don’t continue going.  But I do plan to. I need to make time for myself and this is one solid option!

If you want science, she’ll give it to you. If you want general education on everything, she’ll give it to you. If you have tried other things and still seem out of sorts, she will welcome you with open arms.  Seriously, well, maybe she’s not a hugger, I don’t know, but she’s really nice. She has 4 locations, she’s available in Medina (which is where I went), Cleveland, Peninsula and Tallmadge.  If you’re local, you need to check her out and give it a shot.

She’s really out there to educate people, so if you have a minute stop by her website and if you’re local (which I know many of you are!), check out some of her upcoming events! The specifics of them are on her website.

  • 9/20 – New Hope Imaging @ Hidden Sage
  • 9/25 – Mind, Body and Spirit Approaches to Better Health @ Tallmadge Library Branch

If you’re interested, reach out to Candy! She’s available  Monday -Friday 6 PM – 9 PM & Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM By Appointment Only. You can call her at  330-828-6396, email her at or if you’re not interested in either option, check out her Facebook page and reach out to here there!

Have you ever hear of or tried color or sound therapy?


A quick checkin…

September 3, 2014

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I’m here and doing OK :) I haven’t disappeared because I’ve wanted to.  I needed a little time to figure out how life works with these three kids. I needed time to figure out how and when I make time for me. I haven’t really figured that portion out yet.  I mean sure, I know  I need it.  And I have a long blog post coming about how I learned that lesson, but in reality, I just don’ t know how it all works yet.

So a quick list of life happening:

  • All three kids are in school (and AJ is in a 2-year old program). They seem to be loving it.  The girls are at two different schools so that is new for them.  Now we have two different schools, two different drop off and pickup times and all that to figure out. It’s a work in progress!
  • I’ve been back at work for a few weeks now and it feels amazing. Seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better place to return to.  Yes I’m exhausted, and if you know me you know what September Susan is like.  It’s not pretty, but I’m making due. I’m learning about dropping expectations and just rolling with life.
  • Health-wise I was making some solid progress and stopped again when I was trying to figure out what was showing up as a rash.  I think we’ve solved it so I can get back on my grind.

So I am here, I have a few rockin’ posts lined up, don’t disappear on me ;)

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Fresh ink in honor of our (soon to be) adoption

August 20, 2014
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August 10, 2014
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Shopping fun on ThredUP

July 29, 2014
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