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April 13, 2014

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As I am sure everyone knows – any health/fitness blogger who stops posting about progress is usually because doing so because they’ve not had any.  I’m no exception.  With the whirlwind of adoption related things since December, I’ve made zero time to work out. I’ve stopped tracking as well. I have a reminder on my phone through MFP to remind me to track. It hasn’t helped. I just can’t get into it.  I mentioned the other day the struggle of finding the balance of how to log/track when we have the kids. Well they move in tomorrow, it’s permanent, so something has to give. I tried taking pictures, but I don’t always eat exactly what I have, I pick from the kids, or I give them mine, etc. I might try writing on paper, if I can remember to keep a notepad in the area. I’m not sure really.

I haven’t gotten on the scale to know the exact number, but I know based on how I look and how my clothes fit.  It’s probably 10-15lbs since October.

This isn’t a plan of action, this is simply stating where things stand.  I will get on the scale tomorrow morning, get a baseline and then decide what I need to do next so that it’s not too overwhelming.  Here’s  to change!


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Our adoption process is progressing forward. We’ve been having regular visits with the kids for a few weeks now. Last night was an overnight, and this weekend, we’ve had them since Friday morning, and will take them back home Sunday evening.

Let me be very clear – I love them, and this is what I’ve always wanted.  But WHOA am I exhausted. Going from 0 to 3 over night has been rough.  Im not going to go into a ton of details about that here, because I’m still going to (for now) maintain my other blog that I’ve been keeping as far as the adoption goes.  Just like everything else with our changes in life, I need to find a balance of what direction this blog will go.

I posted the other day about how I’m choosing to move and be more active.  And I’m sure I am, when I’m chasing someone, carrying two toddlers who suddenly have forgotten how to walk or running around the Oh Wow center chasing after a wild little boy. However, if you asked me what I have had to eat this weekend, I can verify that in some fashion I had a hotdog, though I’m not sure if it was 1 or two, or even if a full one. I can say I had grilled chicken, salad, pizza, grapes and strawberries.  If I try to even remember how much though, I’ve got nothing. I don’t really understand how moms can track anything of the sort.

Please don’t say, It gets easier. I know it will. But until it does, I need to find some sort of balance.  I had to get back in the shower this morning, I forgot to wash my body…. Who forgets the reason they showered?! Friday night was a success at bedtime, so of course Saturday was great. I remembered to even put makeup on.  Last night, disaster bedtime, and this morning I can barely move from a fabulous headache that I can either attribute to the weather or the fact that we have keep the house at a sizzling  64*at night for the kids. This is killing me.


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April 2, 2014
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I am the queen of distractions lately.  This plays a little bit into my issues I posted earlier about anxiety.  Although, I will say, those techniques I mentioned for helping my anxiety have really done just that, they have helped quite a bit. I’m less anxious about our upcoming placement of the kids.  I am […]

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Confessional: When I learned to hate my body

March 17, 2014
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There is so much out there about how the media is affecting women’s views on their body, and I mentioned the other day about how even at 8 years old, I was self conscious about my weight.  Yes, back up, you read that correctly. At 8 I was standing on a scale regularly and weighing […]

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The backstory to my anxiety..

March 14, 2014
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23 years ago, I was standing in my swim suit, waiting for my first race. I was on the diving block, pushing my goggles into my face, making sure they wouldn’t fill up with water the second my head hit the pool.  I was fidgeting with my swim straps, uncomfortable to be wearing a swim […]

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The anxiety bug

March 12, 2014
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I’ve mention before my anxiety issues. I’m not on medication or with a therapist any more. I deal with them on my own.  For the most part, it’s been normal, every day levels of anxiety of little things, like a meeting, a new class of kids, an upcoming/brewing confrontation, those are things I’ve learned to […]

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